Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finally....Johan a NEW YORK MET

Two things:
1. WHOO!
2. Finally.

What a long offseason it's been, wanting nothing more than to finally see the headline come across my computer screen. I was frantically refreshing web sites today just waiting for it to happen, and then it finally did.

Pure elation is the only way to describe the way I've felt over the past 14 hours since the news broke on I feel like I can't even write a proper post with these emotions.

The deal is as it was rumored earlier. The Mets give up Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra, and Kevin Mulvey. A wonderful, small price to pay, as far as I'm concerned, as I was prepared to lose Fernando Martinez. Being able to get Johan while still holding onto Martinez is almost like getting two deals in one. I assume that if the Twins demanded that Martinez be added to the deal, the Mets would have added him and made the deal, but they were able to use time to their advantage, as no other teams were prepared to step up as the Twins were approaching their deadline.

It all still depends on the Mets and Johan agreeing to a contract extension, but as Mike and the Mad Dog were discussing after the deal, there's no way the Mets can back out of this now. It would be a nightmare, a crushing blow to Mets fans if the front office decided it was unwilling to agree to Johan's terms. Basically, whatever he wants, we have to give it to him.

The ultimate goal here is to win a World Series one last time in Shea Stadium before it's torn down. I was just a mere six months old when they won in 1986, and I want nothing more than to watch my Mets celebrate a World Series championship at the stadium I love. That's what has made me so devastated the last two seasons, and why I have been so desperately wanting Johan for 2008.

This is our year. Please make it happen. If we win this season, then everything that happened today and will happen in the coming days with the contract talks, will be completely worth it, no matter what happens beyond 2008.

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Jay said...

The Mets will get him - they have no choice but to pay him whatever he wants. I'm thinking 6 years/$120 million with an option for a 7th will do it (or say five years with two easy to earn option years).

Boy, wonder how much opening day tickets to CitiField on eBay will go for now? :)

(This is Jmast7 from GameFaqs BTW)