Monday, April 7, 2008

Final season opener at Shea.

Tomorrow will certainly be an emotional day for me, as the Mets will play their final season opener at Shea Stadium. Since they're playing against the Phillies, too, it could easily be a wide range of emotions. Oliver Perez will interestingly be opposed by Jamie Moyer, who was also born in 1962 (although they didn't start playing at Shea until 1964, the connection to the beginning of the franchise is still there).

It was recently announced that the Mets will continue to honor the Shea family name, as the stadium bearing that name is prepared to be replaced. The Shea family will be on the field tomorrow for a pre-game ceremony in which a Shea logo will be unveiled alongside the retired numbers beyond the left field fence, and it will also be placed in Citi Field next year.

I hate the whole idea of corporate sponsorships of ballparks, but I understand that it is one of those unavoidable, necessary evils these days, in order to generate more revenue (and we really could have done worse than "Citi Field," so I'm not too annoyed). Obviously though, I am quite pleased to see that they will be preserving the Shea legacy with this logo. Many years down the road, I'll be able to go to Mets games and see that logo, and be reminded of all the great memories that Shea Stadium has provided me. Hopefully it will have a nice place next to Casey Stengel's #37.

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