Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy to look foolish.

Two days ago, I was quite frustrated, and went on a pretty pessimistic rant. I fully expected the Braves to complete a sweep on the Mets at Shea. But two days later, they have beaten both Tim Hudson and John Smoltz to win the series 2-1.

I didn't have the chance to watch the two wins, so I can't say how well they played, but the fact is they scored their runs and they won their games. Now, I probably look foolish for going on a premature rant, but I'm happy to be proven wrong. I can only hope that in the Mets' locker room on Friday, they shared similar thoughts, and will use that six-game stretch as motivation to turn things around and continue moving forward.

Way to go, Billy Wagner, for capping off 9 hitless innings to start the season, which hopefully won't be the closest thing we get to a no-hitter at Shea. Unfortunately, he snapped his streak by giving up a single in his tenth inning of work, but a job well done nonetheless.

Way to go, Carlos Delgado, for hitting two home runs on Sunday. He came close on a deep fly ball earlier in the series, but he finally got two more over today to triple his season total. We always end up saying this, over this season and last when Delgado has a good game, that hopefully he's turning it around now. But that would obviously be a big boost to the lineup.

In the "what else is new" department, Moises Alou, who's return was just around the corner, is getting an examination of a swollen ankle. Will he or El Duque ever play in a game this season?

The Mets will now play the Pirates. Coming off these two wins, they should get a nice winning streak going, and gain some momentum heading into a tough West Coast trip.

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