Thursday, November 15, 2007

Alex Rodriguez signs with....the Yankees?

Well, that was uneventful. But either way, I'm relieved to see him off the market, so we can put all this talk about him and the Mets behind us.

It would have been interesting to see him hit the market and see what would have happened. But in a way I'm glad he ended up staying. Keep the bad guy in the Evil Empire. Even though I want to see the Yankees suffer, I'd rather root against him as a Yankee than root against him as a member of a different team. And I'd rather see him in New York than somewhere else like Los Angeles anyway.

So, all the hype and wonderment surrounding A-Rod this offseason, and it all ends rather quickly and boringly, although with an unexpected twist. The important thing though is that on Opening Day 2008, David Wright will be the starting third baseman for the Mets.

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