Friday, November 2, 2007

First up: Alex Rodriguez

The first topic I would like to discuss is Alex Rodriguez. This is a pretty huge issue right now with the magnitude of player that A-Rod is, and there's a bit of discussion going around about the possibility of the Mets going after him.

First off, obviously, Alex Rodriguez is the best hitter in baseball, and should go down as at least one of the best of all time. If you can add a player of his caliber to your team, that's going to be tremendous.

I can't really comment on the economics of it, because I don't know too much about that, but I'm pretty sure the Mets would be able to handle it, and he would be a huge marketing presence for the new stadium being built.

But where I have a big issue is what he does to the makeup of the team. This is David Wright's and Jose Reyes' team right now. I don't think I've ever been as big of a Mets fan as I have been these last couple of years because of those two. I was honestly never a big fan of Mike Piazza, but I absolutely love watching Wright and Reyes play together.

That being said, if A-Rod comes in, he completely overshadows Wright and Reyes in the spotlight. Suddenly A-Rod is the focus of the team, and as we've seen since he signed his ridiculous contract with Texas, that tends to be a negative focus. No longer would it be the fun, easy to love team built around Wright and Reyes. I really do not want to see that happen.

Not only that, but if A-Rod comes in, one of those two would have to switch positions, and it would likely be Wright. Reyes has proven to be too valuable at Shortstop, and we remember how that switch turned out when we brought in Kaz Matsui. I'm sure A-Rod would prefer to go back to SS, but he would pretty much have to go to 3B, causing Wright to move to 2B or 1B where his wild arm won't hurt him.

Again, going back to my reluctance to change, I don't want to see Wright change positions. I love seeing him at Third Base, despite the problems he sometimes has with making his throws. It just wouldn't be the same seeing him at 2B or 1B. Of course, my favorite former Met of all-time, Edgardo Alfonzo, switched from 3B to 2B, but he came up playing both positions, and it was Mike Piazza's team.

I just strongly disagree with bringing in Alex Rodriguez and changing this team around so harshly, besides the fact that I hate him. I want to see the Mets win the World Series with a team based around the core of David Wright and Jose Reyes. I also see value in keeping Luis Castillo as the 2nd Baseman, and see great difficulty in getting rid of Carlos Delgado at 1B for next season, so there's not much to be done there. I'd rather see the front office save it's money and strongly go after Johan Santana next offseason. We have a great team already, we don't need this drastic change.

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