Tuesday, November 6, 2007

David Wright and Carlos Beltran win Gold Gloves

And of course this circles back around to A-Rod.

Yup, David Wright is now a Gold Glove Third Baseman, already, at the age of 24, and the
Mets are giving serious discussions to moving him to an unfamiliar position. Not that he needed the award to make it official that his talents shouldn't be moved, but there's something a bit concrete for you to consider, Omar.

Of course, there still is a bit left to be desired from him as a defensive 3B, mainly with his throwing, and you can't ignore the offensive production that A-Rod brings. But this just helps the argument that bringing A-Rod to the Mets to disrupt this team's makeup is a bad move.

Congrats to David Wright and Carlos Beltran.

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