Monday, November 19, 2007

Roundup: Glavine to Braves, Lowell and Rivera re-signing

Well, Tom Glavine is headed back to the Braves, concluding what was pretty expected since the end of the season. Now if only they could somehow bring Greg Maddux back as well, that would be pretty cool. Or pretty annoying. Anyway, this officially leaves a hole in the starting rotation for the Mets, so hopefully no more deals fall apart at the last minute for Omar.

In other news, it's reported that Mike Lowell has agreed to re-sign with with the Red Sox. There were some reports that the Yankees were interested in getting him to play 1B, so I'm glad that won't end up happening.

Also, Mariano Rivera is reportedly close to re-signing with the Yankees. It would have been really interesting to see what would have happened if he hit the market, where he would go (if not too obvious that it would be the Dodgers). But like Posada, I'd rather see him back in a Yankees uniform.

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